Studio Kytopia

Studio Kytopia has a lot to offer. The high quality of the equipment that is available, next to the unique sound of the old Tivoli venue can make your recordings sound amazing. Below you can see a list of equipment that is available. By interest, don't hestitate to contact us at:
Equipment: Console:
  • 48-channel SSL 9000J series providing:
  • Full EQ and dynamics section on each channel
  • 4 stereo busses, 1 cue send/return, 6 mono fx sends/returns
  • Classic SSL G-series stereo bus compressor
  • 32 group outputs half normalled to Pro Tools inputs
  • Klein + Hummel 0400 midfield monitors
  • Urei 813B farfield monitors
  • Yamaha NS10's on request
  • 48 input/ 32 output Burl Mothership AD/DA converters
  • Sample rates from 44,1kHz - 192kHz.
Pro Tools:
  • Pro Tools 11.2.1 on a Mac Pro 2x 2.8 GhZ Quad-core Intel Xeon
  • 10 Gbytes of RAM
  • Multiple 500Gbyte SATA and SSD drives for storage of audio
  • Complete and up-to-date Universal Audio bundle, running on UAD-2 PCIe Quad DSP Accelerator
  • Full AAX Native Soundtoys bundle
  • Native Instruments Komplete 9 AAX Bundle
  • Fabfilter Pro Total Bundle
  • Universal Audio 2-610 dual channel tube preamplifier
  • Universal Audio 2-1176 twin vintage limiting amplifier
  • Vermona ReTubeVerb tube spring reverb
  • Thermionic Culture The Phoenix stereo tube compressor (red anniversary edition)
  • Chandler Limited EMI TG1 stereo limiter
  • Manley Variable MU stereo compressor/limiter
  • Vertigo Sound VSC-2 quad VCA compressor